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Craving the flavor of chai tea but not the intense spiciness? This rooibos chai is rich and flavorful, without the black pepper heat common in traditional chai blends. Warm your heart and calm calm your mind.

Rooibos Tea

Although many people have never heard of rooibos tea, it is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world.

It is native to South Africa, and not a true tea (true tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis, while Rooibos come from the plant Aspalathus linearis), but many experts are predicting that it might soon surpass even the popularity of green and black tea!

History of Rooibos Tea: In the 1770s, a Swedish naturalist in South Africa made mention of a tea made by local people. Dutch settlers began drinking this “red tea” because it was easier and less expensive to get than the black tea that had to be brought from Europe by traders. It wasn’t until the 1900s that rooibos’ popularity caught on, once cultivation experiments finally discovered a successful way to grow the plants on a large scale.

Bone Health: Rooibos tea contains magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, and iron (and because of its low tannin content, it won’t inhibit iron absorption), all of which are good bone-builders. The rich mineral content makes rooibos ideal for people at risk of or suffering from osteoporosis, joint pain, or arthritis.

Allergies: Rooibos tea contains a natural plant pigment called quercetin that blocks the cells in our bodies that trigger allergic reactions, effectively suppressing seasonal allergies and hay fever. Additionally, the bioflavonoids in rooibos tea can be used to treat food allergy symptoms as well as seasonal allergies, and have been shown to assist in relieving asthma and skin breakouts.

Cancer Prevention: The same quercetin that helps with allergies has also been shown to suppress the growth of malignant tumors by blocking the process by which your body’s cells mutate. Some doctors have reported successfully prescribing quercetin supplements in the treatment of cancer.

Healthy Diet and Digestion: A diet free of artificial ingredients and rich in nutrients and minerals is essential to overall good health, making rooibos a great addition to your diet and lifestyle. Improving your digestive health contributes to weight loss, higher energy levels, and better quality of life. Nutrient-rich rooibos also contains compounds that have been shown to relieve several digestive issues, such as intestinal spasms, bloating, cramping, and recurring diarrhea.

Heart Health: Rooibos is the only known food or beverage known to contain Aspalathin, an antioxidant that protects against vascular inflammation, protects the heart from oxidization and ischemia, and show great promise in treating diabetes-related heart problems. Rooibos has also been shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure, improving circulation, lowering bad cholesterol, and treating hypertension.

Important: Some studies suggest that rooibos may interfere with chemotherapy, and may not be suitable for those suffering with liver or kidney disease. If you are dealing with any of those issues, consult your doctor before drinking rooibos tea. (Rooibos is, however, considered safe for kidney stone sufferers to drink.)

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