Orange Grapefruit


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Fight those grey days with our zesty Orange Grapefruit Wellness Tea. Tangy orange and grapefruit give you a lift while apple, hibiscus, blackberry, and eucalyptus leaf balance tart citrus with lovely fruity notes for an organic herbal that’s great any time.

Ingredients: apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry leaves, eucalpytus leaves, beetroot pieces, hibiscus blossoms, lemongrass, flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine pieces, orange slices.

  • Herbal infusion of apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry and eucalyptus leaves, beetroot pieces, hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, tangerine pieces, and orange slices
  • A good source of vitamin C, an immune system boost that may help fight the common cold
  • Hibiscus contains an enzyme inhibitor that may reduce absorption of carbohydrates and promote weight loss.

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Ratio: 2 tsp per cup (295ml / 10oz)
Steep: 5-7 mins, 100°C / 212°F.


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